Hubby and I have always wanted a caravan, we had had our full of tenting and decided to keep one eye open for a great deal. At the end of Summer 2017 we came across this little forgotten caravan and knew she was the one. She had been off the road since 2001 and been somewhat gutted to be used as a jewellery business shop.  Painted an astonishing yellowy green she was a sight to behold.

She didn’t have any of the required regulations to be towed on the road so we took her off to the local garage to get a thorough check-up. This was when we found we’d made our first mistake that we won’t do again (if hubby lets me ever do this again!). Even though she looked at first glance to be OK, she needed a new tow hitch, tyres and electrical. $$$$ we didn’t intend on spending but hey them’s the risks of flipping, whatever you may be flipping!

So after that was all completed our ‘Winter Project’ kind of got put on the back burner and we didn’t really get stuck into it until the end of the following Summer. I had GRAND PLANS, boy did I ever. I was thinking any of the below.

But then hubby reigned me in (party pooper!) Good thing really as I would have spent a fortune and as this was always to be a flip, that would not have been ideal 🙂 Good thing I have him around.

So we stuck in with a full paint first, saying goodbye to the day glow yellow with a very clean off white. Wow did it take a lot of coats, it kept just trying to make it’s way back through every layer. It did have a very cute original ceiling cover of little gold stars which I wanted to keep but unfortunately when the fresh paint went up it made it look incredibly dirty, so more coats of paint!  Then the new flooring went down after a leveling compound had been laid.

Hubby and our eldest then got handy on the tools putting in a permanent double bed. I don’t know about you but I need a real bed to sleep in no matter where I am!  Making the most of the space we added a large drawer in under the bed frame.

The table in the seating area drops down to create another bed and with all new foam and batting it came out really comfortable.

After what seemed like a lifetime, this was the never ending project, we’d have people come by and it was always “I see the caravan is still here”, we have got to the end and I am in love. I really want to keep her but hubby kept things sensible again!

She is a beautiful warm colour and oh so cosy. I sat in her making up all the curtains and I really wanted to just crawl up in a ball on the bed and read. ‘Lady shed’ was screaming in my ear! But alas she is now for sale to be someone else’s love.

Not sure hubby will be too keen to do another one in the near future, don’t tell him I’m already searching the For Sale pages 😉  It is a true love I have for turning something that has been forgotten into a something to be loved again. Whether it be chairs, caravans or houses I can never believe the finished project was the same as what we started with.